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One billion people in the world drink coffee. Most of them every day. Many of them more than one cup a day. Every year 825 billion cups of coffee are served. That makes coffee, after water and tea, the most popular drink in the world. Each cup of coffee contains only 0,2 percent of the harvested biomass of the coffee tree. That means that coffee farmers produce 99,8 percent waste to serve you a cup of coffee. Today, that waste does not produce any income for the farmers. We should not be surprised that coffee farmers struggle to make a living. Vary few people know that, the wasted skin and pulp of the coffee berry contain more antioxidants than any other known superfood. Coffee Solutions presents a groundbreaking new business model that creates abundant value for the 25 million coffee farmers in the world and their families, supports the health of millions of consumers, and regenerates and protects hundreds of thouasands of hectares of rainforests.

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